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Save The Bees! Barstool Chicago Visits An Apiary To Learn About Bees

First off, want to give a big thank you and shout out to Heaven's Honey. They're a local Chicago small business that's doing things the right way, and doing a hell of a job. They have a top notch product (best honey in the game) and as you will see in the video, it is literally "from comb to home" as the founder Abdullah likes to say.

White Sox Dave, Chief and I ventured way outside the city to an undisclosed location (in Illinois) a couple weeks ago to take Abdullah up on an offer he made after we exchanged messages. I'm a big fan of Heaven's Honey CBD Honey (I put it in my tea every morning. Yah I said it, I'm a tea guy). 

I'm also a self proclaimed "bee guy". So this trip was a real treat for us. I know they've been getting their asses kicked from the overuse of toxic pestacides, but Abdullah and his farmers informed us it's also due to climate change, a lack of flowers (SO EVERYBODY PLANT FLOWERS), and mites. So the fact they're mounting somewhat of a comeback is a great sign. A lot of people don't realize how integral a part they play in our eco-system. 


We did not go no bee keeper suits like Kate's girl here.


So this was a great day. 

Nature is fuckin awesome. 

Immense respect and thank you to Tyler and Alec and farmers of all kinds everywhere. 

Big thank you to Taste Media Group for shooting and editing this video for us.

And of course thanks to Abdullah. 

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