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Just Your Casual $3.9 Million Slot Machine Jackpot On A $5 Spin


As they say in the old country, "holy fucking moly". That's fucking insane. As if there was any doubt Vegas is back some dude just won close to $4 million on a $5 slot spin. 



I don't even know what I'd do in that situation. Probably first thing I'd do is give whoever took this picture $100 bucks to immediately delete it. I don't need anyone knowing I just got rich. Next thing you know that girl from Bumble wants to hang out again, how convenient is fucking that?? 

I'd love to know what he's staring at on his phone with that shit eating grin. It better be the Vegas backpage for the Cherry and Trinity double team deluxe package, and not be his Facebook page with whatever new meme Aunt Susan posted this morning. 

Either way, congrats to this new rich guy, but more importantly, congrats to Cherry, Trinity, and the $9.99 all you can eat crab leg buffet. 

Vegas- officially back.