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We've Got Another Karen Meltdown Video. This Time At Walgreens Because The Line Was Too Long.

Not sure who's worse in this video. The obnoxious camera man who can barely contain himself he's so giddy? Or the washed out bitch that thinks carrying a credit card with a 23% APR (let's get serious, she doesn't pay it off monthly) = "rich". 

Obviously it's the woman that's the feature of the video. (I just didn't want to let the weasly instigator camera guy off the hook completely).

Anybody that treats strangers, like the woman waiting in front of her, and more importantly, people doing their job like the nice lady behind the counter this way are scum of the Earth. What the fuck happened to manners, decency, and basic respect? 

p.s. - has there ever been a clearer sign of somebody that hasn't been laid in ages? The real guilty-party of this entire altercation is Karen's husband. Definitely hasn't laid the lumber in who knows how long. That is A LOT of pent up angst and frustration being let out on all the wrong people. Lady needs to get the pipe from the landscaper or UPS man or somebody. #toohornedup