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Colin Cowherd Rants About Bam Adebayo Being Overrated ...Few Hours Later Bam Sets History And Drops A Double-Double

Fast forward a few hours:

Seems pretty good. That's it, that's the blog. Okay fine, we'll get more into it. I don't know anyone calling Bam a star - myself included and I'm the biggest Bam fan in the world. He's damn good. He has the potential to be a star - hence why he's going to win Most Improved Player this year. That's why he is the youngest person to put up those stats. That's why the Heat are building around him and Jimmy Butler. He's in that middle ground where he's not a roleplayer but he's not a star yet. 

He's one of the best defensive players in the league. He's a hell of a rebounder. He just knows how to play. Suck it, Cowherd.