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I Could Watch The Gif Of This Perfect Nathan MacKinnon Goal On Loop Forever


That is just hockey porn right there. Between the beautiful pass and the incredible eye-hand (or is it hand-eye?) coordination, it's stunning how good these guys are. Simply stunning. I can't remember who I had this conversation with, but a couple years ago I was watching SportsCenter's top 10 plays and got to thinking after the 7th slam dunk, virtually every goal in hockey is a top play. The things these guys are able to do on the ice is fucking mind blowing. 

And along those lines, that's why I love watching the Avs, because I have a giant crush on Cale Makar. The things he does with the puck as a defenseman is unlike any other d-man in the league. Every time he's out there I feel I'm watching wizardry. Same goes for McJesus, obviously. 

I fucking love slowed down gifs like this one. It's like watching the impossible play out in front of you. That god damn Nathan MacKinnon. So hot right now.