The Lakers Going Up 24-8 On Kobe Day Is Pretty Damn Cool

I don't care if it makes me a sucker, I find this pretty cool. Of course we get a 24-8 score on Kobe Day with the Lakers rocking their Black Mamba jerseys

You can't convince me Kobe isn't watching this game from above right now. I don't know what the statistical odds are of us getting a 24-8 score with the Lakers leading because I'm not a huge math guy, so I'm choosing to believe this was Kobe. Sort of like how after his tragic passing we started to see all these random occurrences in basketball games with people having ties to Kobe.  

Kobe is definitely pulling the strings from above and I can't even hate it. Who could have predicted the Blazers would come out and score zero points. This game is pretty much over and it's only the first quarter. Something tells me Kobe is watching this with a big old smile on his face probably talking all kinds of shit. I'd love to see Kobe in this bubble too. He'd break so many dudes mentally it would be amazing to watch.

Seriously though, 24-8 on Kobe Day is pretty damn cool. RIPIP Mamba.