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Sidney Rice Sums Up Everybody's Feelings During The Roger Goodell Press Conference

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I don’t know what I was expecting from the Roger Goodell press conference but that SUCKED.  He made apologies with a Milmore robot voice, got trolled by a guy from Howard Stern, got owned by a TMZ guy and dodged every single question he was asked.  Didn’t answer a single one.  Muhammed Ali would be impressed by Goodell’s ability to bob and weave.  If that was the goal then he nailed it.  At one point I thought Rachel Nichols was going to stand up and just say, “What the fuck?” and walk out.  She’ll be heralded as the hero of the press conference and rightfully so.  She asked great questions.  Again, maybe I went in with too lofty of expectations that he was going to tip his hand in the least bit.  Instead he acted like a guy who’s the head of a money making machine that is so popular that not even a line of horrific scandals can damage the product.  He probably acted that way because it’s true.


Honestly, the way he kept saying things like “We’re changing our policies” and “We’re forming committees” reminded me of every meeting I ever went to when I worked a cube job and that probably made me the most angry.  Nothing worse than corporate jargon that isn’t worth shit.