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Browns Update: Everyone On Our Team Got Injured Today

Get Myles Garrett off the field IMMEDIATELY. Or disband the franchise. There simply will not ever be anything positive when it comes to the Cleveland Browns. We are a cursed team. Finally, FINALLY, we have a coach worth a damn paired with a very talented team. But alas, if the coronavirus doesn't shut down this season, injuries will. The football gods simply do not want to see the Browns win.

To go along with the Mack Wilson hyperextended knee injury from last week, Grant Delpit now looks like he's going to be out for the year. And then immediately after, Greedy Williams had to leave the field. Where's Jon Taffer when you need him? I need him to walk right out onto the 50 yard line and SHUT IT DOWN.

When is enough enough? I hope Baker, OBJ, Chubb, Landry, and Kareem are ready to hang 40 points every game this year, because our defense is about to stink. Unless......so two of our defensive backs went down today....the day after an All-Pro safety gets released. Earl Thomas to Cleveland?? How do you not take a look? And he'll be looking to get revenge on the AFC North team that just let him go. I don't hate that idea at all. Knowing Cleveland though, Earl Thomas will either get injured before the season starts or seriously injury someone on the offense. We cannot have nice things in Cleveland.