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Andrew Luck Retired 1 Year Ago Today And I'm Still Depressed

Ah yes, I remember it like it was yesterday. There I was enjoying some dry ass chicken on a used couch I got for the low on Craigslist watching the Colts play the Bears in week 3 of the preseason. Being the Colts fanatic I am, I was already suffering enough having to watch a preseason game. But little did I know that right around the 4th quarter, Colts nation and myself would have to pull King Arthur's sword from the ground and swallow it until we cried. Not only is today the 1 year anniversary of Andrew retirement, but the 1 year anniversary of one of the most bizzare retirements in sports history. I personally believe Vontae Davis halftime retirement is still number one. Retiring during a preseason game is unreal, but during halftime in a regular season game? That's an LA Fitness pickup game move by the veteran!

Besides the day Peyton Manning got traded to the Broncos, August 24th might be the worst day in Indiana sports history. Before I go any further, I've said and will always say that I respected Andrew's choice to retire at 29 years old. He developed so many injuries playing behind a terrible o-line from 2012-2016 that his body was checked out by 2018. It's not his fault though! All the blame goes to that jumbo sized clown Ryan Grigson. Say what you want, but Andrew would still be playing today if Grigson had a functioning brain or if we had snagged a great GM like Chris Ballard a few years earlier. You can call us Colts fans petty for not getting over this loss, but the truth is Andrew was a once in a generational talent and should be playing for 8-10 more years. The things he could do with such a shitty roster was unbelievable. 

It's crazy to think we STILL don't have a franchise QB. We've bounced from Andrew, to Jacoby Brissett, to now Philip Rivers who's only playing this season. Is Jacob Eason our Peyton Manning? Will Chad Kelly be our guy if Jacoby gets hurt again? The future of our QB is up in the air and I truly don't know what to expect. I still miss Andrew everyday and that probably won't change until I'm 60. Pour one out and let your neckbeard grow in honor of #12.