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Juwan Howard Had To Put Out A Statement In Record Time Because Rumors Of NBA Teams Wanting To Hire Him Hit Twitter

That was one of the quickest responses to a rumor I've ever seen. Typically we wait until the next press conference or it just kind of dies down, but Juwan Howard saw the Sixers cap space structure and quickly decided the Michigan job was better. Personally, I'm a little upset because I was looking forward to Michigan fans losing their shit about John Beilein coming back. Hint: that wouldn't be the hire if Howard left. 

But we gotta talk about this statement for a second. This is almost (I stress almost) Cam Newton level. I need to talk to the person who decided what to highlight here. The moment it went on Twitter and everyone saw 'not' highlighted, it was a 'what does this actually mean?' tweets. Maybe highlight a word that won't throw people on Twitter for a loop, just a thought. Howard has to get used to putting these out anyways. People in the NBA really respect him and love him. He's going to be a name linked to jobs all the time and he's going to either accept one and piss Michigan fans off or put out a statement every year. We'll chalk this up to the rookie year. 

The other thing is Michigan is going to be pretty good. They are a borderline top-25 team in year 2 with guys like Hunter Dickinson and Zeb Jackson coming to Ann Arbor. I know they lose Zavier Simpson, but this team is still going to be pretty good. Remember, they return Isaiah Livers, Franz Wagner and Eli Brooks. If Howard really wanted to coach in the NBA, he could have stayed as an assistant. He didn't have to take the Michigan job to land an NBA job. 

Either way, I respect the move to put out a statement before you're linked to a specific job. But let's be honest, this was specifically due to the Sixers.