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Big Cat and PFT Commenter Pitch Their Future Mets Roles to Alex Rodriguez on Pardon My Take

To start off another week on Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on recurring guest Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod joined the show to talk baseball, the new season of The Corp dropping this week, Q+A's from Billy and I, and more. But the giant elephant in the room for this interview was about the rumors of A-Rod's group potentially buying the New York Mets. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter saw this as a major opportunity to get involved with the ball club down the road. Here is what on their respective wish lists: 

Mr. Cat: We gotta address at least the elephant in the room: what are our jobs going to be if you become the Mets owner? We have some ideas, PFT, why don't you start?

Mr. Commenter: I mean, I don't want to ask for much. I'm not here looking for a handout. All I want is to be the guy that drives the bullpen cart when the heaviest reliever goes into the game. I just want to drive out there, maybe put some spinners on the golf cart, maybe put a big stereo system in there, and definitely one of those carpeting steering wheel covers, and drive back to the bullpen. That's all I want. You don't even have to pay me.

Alex Rodriguez: I love it, that's a great idea. Bringing the golf cart back with some cool vibe, I think that's a good idea. 

Mr. Cat: OK, he's in for that. I just want to be a clubhouse guy. My job will be just to lean up against the batting cage with an oversized jacket on, maybe some seeds, and just just shoot the shit.

Alex Rodriguez: Will you be a dip guy?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, dip. I'll bust balls, I'll go in the bathroom and towel whip people if you want me to. Just a guy, that everyone's like, "Hey, he's hanging out."

Alex Rodriguez: That's a guy.

Mr. Commenter: Big Cat just wants to annoy your players.

Alex Rodriguez: I like that.

Mr. Cat: I want to hang out. And then sit on the bench, and then every now and then, the manager can look at me and be like, "What do you think we should do here?" And I'll be like, "I don't know. We could do this, we could do that. What do you think?"

I love it. If we live in a world where Mr. Commenter appears in a lit up golf cart near the big apple at Citi Field along with a shot of Mr. Cat spitting seeds in the dugout at a Mets game, that would be unreal. 

Another reminder to stay tuned for Season 3 of The Corp dropping this week. There are some BIG TIME guests coming your way.