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More Good News For The Sixers: Jimmy Butler Left Philly Because He Thought Brett Brown Sucked And Ben Simmons Is Too Soft For A Text Message

Oh would you look at that, just something you HAAATTEEEE to see. The Sixers, defined by this process and how to trust it, lost a guy they need on their roster because their star player is too soft to handle a text message and he thinks their head coach sucks. Other than that all is good in Philly!

Well, except their other star is injury prone and can't play an entire game without taking at least two naps. He's also a mental midget who refuses to accept playing in the post as much as he should. They signed Al Horford and Tobias Harris to $277 million GUARANTEED. The same Al Horford who couldn't stay on the floor against the Celtics and a Tobias Harris who is fine but nothing worth what he got. 

Well at least it was just Jimmy Butler holding this vendetta, that's gotta be good news right! (h/t Yahoo)

Players often questioned Brown’s game plan on specific matchups, and there was a lack of trust that permeated the locker room and an inability to hold players accountable, sources said.

Al Horford, one of the more silent and reserved players in the league, stated before the season went on hiatus that he was frustrated by not having a defined role communicated and established with him.

The handling of rookie Matisse Thybulle, who has demonstrated he’s an elite defender, was a head-scratcher. His minutes fluctuated at bizarre junctures, leaving some in the locker room to wonder if Brown had an axe to grind with the youngster, sources said.

Asked Sunday if Sixers fans were able to see the best of what he had to offer as a coach, Brown simply replied, “No.”

Josh Richardson, who spent his first four seasons immersed in the Miami Heat culture, spoke on the Sixers’ culture.

“I don’t think there was much accountability this season and that was part of the problem,” he said following the season-ending loss.

If my math is correct that leaves pretty much just Ben Simmons and Raul Neto as the only two people not to complain about the Sixers culture. Hey, speaking of which, remember how they drafted Mikal Bridges, who is from the Philly area, played at Nova and his mom works for the team? Everyone loved it! What a great fit. Exactly what the Sixers need! They immediately heard that and traded him for Zhaire Smith, who has played a combine 13 games in two years. Meanwhile, Bridges is becoming a great 3-and-D guy for the Suns. 

Trust the process!