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Great News: Ben Simmons Says He Never Wants The Sixers To Get Swept Again. So I Guess The Process Is Still On

Oh heck yeah. You hear that, folks? All these idiot national media talking heads are cheering for the death of The Process but turns out, it's never been more alive than it is today. Ben Simmons didn't like watching the sorry ass Sixers getting swept out of the 1st round, and he doesn't want it to happen again. You might as well start planning the 2021 Championship parade right now because there's not a doubt in my mind that this is the type of fire that is going to lead the team to greatness. 

Run. It. Back. Run it all back. 

I get it. I mean what is Ben Simmons supposed to say in this situation? Personally, I'd prefer if none of them said anything at all. Because unless any of these guys come out and calls Joshua Harris out for being a bitch who doesn't actually give a single shit about this team, or calls Brett Brown out for being too much of a coward to actually command respect and accountability from anybody on this roster, or calls Elton Brand out for completely botching the decision to trade Jimmy Butler and keep Tobias Harris...well then everybody is going to hate whatever else they have to say. 

At this point there is just so much wrong with the Sixers that I don't see how they get themselves out of it. The owner stinks, the GM stinks, the coach stinks, and plenty of the players stink. You can't completely start over from scratch just yet, but this organization needs to come dangerously close to cleaning house. Which will be tough to do considering the owner is one of the biggest issues with the "just settle for being good enough and having people talk about you a lot" mentality going on with that team. 

Clap your haaaaaaands, everybody!!!!