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Luka Doncic Playing The Water Bottle Flip Challenge In The Middle Of A Team Huddle In OT Is The Cockiest Move We've Seen In The Playoffs

'Give me the ball and get the fuck outta the way. Now watch this.' - Luka, (probably) right in this moment. I guess this is what happens when you exceed every ridiculous expectation people have for you and then you keep kicking the Clippers ass. You bring back the water bottle flip challenge. Remember when that was a thing? You had everyone trying to flip stupid fucking water bottles just to make the crowd go wild. 

Then again, when you do this, you can do whatever the hell you want during timeouts: 

My favorite and most annoying thing coming out of this though is 'what were you doing at 21?' Uh, not this. I was organizing beer pong tournaments at Kentucky and NBA Jam drinking games and tailgating and never missing a Two Keys $10 all you can drink Thursday. I sure as shit wasn't outplaying Kawhi and a guy named Playoff P, who fucking stinks in the playoffs. 

How about Luka Doncic's mom too? 

Crying more about a game-winner than birth. That's the type of mom I can get down with. Also a reminder, this is what she looks like: 


Oh and for those who will say 'but you guys made fun of LeBron for doing this.' Uh yeah, he was doing it on the bench while up 30 in the regular season against the Knicks. Fuck that. Doncic is in the middle of OT without his second best player, playing against the best wing defender in the league and destroying them. You think he cares what little play Rick Carlisle is drawing up? Nope, because it's just give the ball to Luka and let him cook.