In Loving Memory Of All The Perfectly Good Sticks Which Has Been Destroyed By Frustrated Hockey Players

The life of a hockey stick in the NHL can truly be a fickle bitch. One day you're being raised in the air for all to see after scoring a beautiful goal in the playoffs. You're on top of the world and feel like nothing could ever bring you down. 

Then a few days later, everything changes. All of a sudden, things aren't going so well for your team. In fact, they're getting shit pumped. And although it may not have anything at all to do with you, it is often the stick that receives the brunt of the frustration and is beat to shit over the boards. 

Now we see sticks break naturally all the time in hockey. It could snap in half due to the sheer force of a clapper. It could snap in half after blocking a shot. Maybe it gets caught along the boards where the Zamboni door is. Either way, sticks break naturally all the time during hockey games. It's the circle of life. 

But when a stick is unexpectedly and unfairly murdered by its player out of pure frustration? Well those sticks just deserved more. They still had so much life ahead of them. There were still so many goals to be scored by those sticks. Yet they were never given a full chance because smashing the shit out of them over the boards or post just seemed all too enticing for the player at the time. It's a damn shame. 

Maybe it just hurts to see a little more for us common folk who need to purchase their own sticks. I'm at a point now in my hockey playing career that as soon as my last stick breaks, that is when I retire for good. Because I'm not going to be shelling out the few hundred dollars that new sticks cost these days. And with that being the case, maybe we just respect the sticks a little more than guys in the NHL who has a whole new rack just waiting for them on the bench if they snap one. But I just want all those sticks to know that we'll never forget them. They were good sticks. They were proud sticks. And they deserved a better ending.