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Live Mics Picked Up Ryan Reaves Making Chicken Sounds At Antoine Roussel Mid Game

Ryan Reaves is officially my favorite player in the NHL. He just gets it. He gets that this is entertainment and he does his best night in and night out to keep fans entertained. That continued tonight when the legend himself was making chicken sounds so loud DURING THE GAME at Canucks forward Antoine Roussel, that the TV mics picked it up and you could hear it clear as day. 

How can you not like Ryan Reaves? Like I said, he keeps you entertained night in and night out, he buys into the storylines and most importantly, buddy is putting up numbers.In 8 playoff games, the Muffin Man has 4 points and has been a wrecking ball out there. Vegas 4th line of Chandler Stephenso, Will Carrier and Ryan Reaves has been a force for the Knights in the return to play and it starts and ends with Reavo.