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Dustin Johnson Finished -30 (And Won)

I’m sure there will be more thorough conversation from more appropriate sources but in all honestly my head can’t hit the pillow tonight without seeing a -30 blog so here’s your -30 blog. Two other guys since 1950 have gone -30. And in this case you literally couldn’t ask for a sweeter dude to card that -30. Sure there are maybe better interviews and more appealing brand ambassadors but it’s pretty hard to have more swag than DJ. Like no offense Blake but I don’t see you going -30.

Like I said more coverage on this tomorrow I’m sure. Just wanted to sound off that Dustin Johnson is underrated. Especially in a sport that is so America Vs Europe Vs Everybody Else. Not like soccer where we get our asses kicked day in and day out. Not like basketball where we dominate. Not football where we’re on an island. Golf is enjoyed by all and it’s highly competitive globally. Ipso facto when you get a dominant American like Dustin under your jurisdiction it’s your patriotic duty to like him more. Others on the list obviously Tiger and Phil and the other slamdunks. But I just feel like we forget about that as Americans so I’m reminding you.


What a scorecard