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There's Money To Be Made At Century Mile Up In Canada Tonight

Alright, so everyone who follows our horse racing plays knows that I love Canadian tracks. I love the country, the people, and I love the twenty cent increment. Tonight is a real opportunity to make some money. Tonight at Century Mile in Edmonton, Alberta there is a carryover in the Pick Five pool of over $70,000. This is NOT a jackpot bet. This is a pool that, barring anything bizarre, will be paid out tonight. For those who may not know, Century Mile is one of those tracks where simply beating the favorite ensures a very nice return. With a pool this large tonight, the opportunity to make several thousand dollars is right in front of us. I am playing and playing hard.

The early Pick Four also has a carryover of approximately $15,000 so I will be playing that as well and hoping to parlay the winnings into the Pick Five as they do not intersect. Here are my two tickets for Century Mile:

Also, I'm in two StableDuel contests at Del Mar tonight. A Top Ten one and a "Winner Take All". I've come to really enjoy StableDuel quite a bit, it's an easy way to have some action without gambling a load of money. Either way, I plan on winning all over the place tonight.