Nothing But Respect For The Sixers For Being So Dog Shit On Purpose, Allowing Philly Fans To Just Focus On The Flyers Now

Pool. Getty Images.

This was all a part of the Process. Hinkie's entire plan was to one day have a team that gets hyped up to be an actual contender. The only issue is that the coach is a complete and total fucking moron. The GM is a complete and total fucking moron. Al Horford and Tobias Harris should probably lawyer up because they're stealing money from the Sixers. And these sorry sacks of shit get swept out of the 1st round of the playoffs. 

That right there is The Process. 

And what is it all for, you might be asking yourself right now? Well it's pretty simple, actually. 

The Process was strictly for the Philadelphia Flyers. Sam Hinkie knew that Flyers better than anybody else. He shared a building with them for so many years. And chances are that Sam Hinkie looked at this Sixers team, looked at this Flyers team, and realized how the timelines for each would pan out. He knew that the Flyers were probably closer to being a legitimate contender than the Sixers were, so it was his parting gift to the city to create the most fraudulent Sixers team of all time which would constantly shit the bed, then allowing the entire city to rally behind the Flyers when the time came for them to go on an actual run. 


So all the credit in the world goes to the Sixers here. They are fucking dog shit, make no mistake about it. Brett Brown is dog shit. Tobias Harris showed a little bit of toughness after coming back from that injury today but that was the first thing he's done season which would show any sign of killer mentality in him. Al Horford is dog shit. The bench is dog shit. This team STINKS and they should be embarrassed of themselves. But never forget that they did this all for the Philadelphia Flyers. And that right there is what the City of Brotherly Love is all about. Become the most hated team in the city just so your brothers can thrive. TTP. Now go ahead and fire everybody.