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Phillies Fan Barehands A Foul Ball With A Baby Strapped To His Chest



Impressive. Granted, most parents who bring newborns to baseball games are self-serving pricks solely looking for attention. There is literally zero reason to bring an infant to the ballpark other than have people gawk at how adorable their ugly baby is at the game. But you can’t hate on that snag by Pops with a parasite attached to his chest. It’s easily the best thing to come out of baseball in Philly this weekend after Cole’s dominating performance on Friday night, and that makes me sad.

And of course Ruben Amaro made a quip about signing the guy. If only he were 35, past his prime and would provide no spark to the team or fanbase then the Dad would’ve been given a multi-year deal. Seriously, Ruben Amaro has no right to even joke about this. Don’t toy with us, assface:

The catch came in the fourth inning of Philadelphia’s 7-4 loss to New York and in front of the owner’s box. Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. saw the whole thing.

“I was going to go down there and sign him. I almost did,” Amaro said.

Obligatory: Look at the trash fans Philly puts in the seats. Also, where the FUCK is Cliff Lee right now? If he’s snaking $25 million this year I want his whereabouts GPS’d 24/7.