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And Now I'm Sad Again - Churchill Downs Completely Changes Plans And The Kentucky Derby Will Have NO Fans

Goddamnit I thought we were so close to a bit of normalcy. That's all I was hoping for. Originally the plan was to have the Derby in front of about 14% of fans - none in the infield. Now Churchill completely changes and going no fans. It sucks. The Derby is THE race to watch for casual fans, diehards, everyone. It's the one race every person in America knows - even if you want to debate Breeders Cup, etc. 

What I don't get is Louisville City (soccer team) is playing in front of some fans. It's happening right down the road. What changed with the Derby vs Louisville City besides the number of fans? Obviously Churchill is bigger and can hold more people but that's the confusing part here. 

There's nothing better than a bunched up group of horses making the turn in front of the twinspires coming for home. It's iconic, every year. At the time you hear every person in the stands holding their tickets start to go nuts. It's one of my favorite sounds every year. That's all gone. Again, I get it. We need safety and all that. But selfishly I just wanted a bit of normalcy. 

We'll see you in 2021, Churchill.