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Connor McDavid Is Overrated, You Guys


Totally kidding. He’s sick. He’s so good. He’s been making a complete mockery out of the OHL playoffs and consistently adding more and more highlights to the legend of Connor Mac. He’s now at the point where if Edmonton finds a way to screw this up and ruin him, we should at least consider declaring war on the entire country of Canada. Just watch that move on loop for the rest of the day.

Just took all 3 of those Oshawa Generals to the prom and said shut up and dance with me. They never even stood a chance. Erie ended up losing the opening game of the OHL Championship to Oshawa 4-1 but realistically that goal should have counted for at least 2, maybe even 3. So it was a much closer game than the score shows. The only other set up from last night that even comes close to as pretty as this one was the kid Johnny Hockey to Monahan.

Again, this comes in a losing effort but if you’re a fan of tasty apples, last night was your night.

(P.S. – That’s how you work a classic “not” joke to perfection. Haven’t had one of those on the site in a while. We like to have fun around here.)