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Weekend Playlist - Trysta's "Wu-Tang Stan's Ain't Nuthin To Fuck Wit" Playlist. BONUS Now Up On Apple Music

Back with another Weekend Playlist. This week features another blogger's guest playlist, coming from our girl Trysta Krick

Trysta has been on somewhat of a crusade recently to try to convince the world that Wu-Tang is overrated. 

And I'm not going to lie. As somebody who was NOT a West Coast rap fan, that felt way more allegiance than any white middle-class kid should to the East Coast in the 90s rap wars, this list is pretty inflammatory. In a good way. For the West Coast fans this list is legit.

DJ Quik, C-Bo, Dru Down, Rass Kass. She's even got Luni Coleone on this. And yes all the usual suspects (Kurupt, Nate Dogg, the Death Row crew, etc.) are all on it as well.

Big thanks to Trysta on this - 

Also a bunch of people have been asking for these up on Apple Music and I found a way to easily sync them so these will all be up on Spotify and Apple going forward. 

Here are all the past weeks too. Have a great weekend. Go Cubs.