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Memphis Messes Up: Big Brother Week 2 Power Rankings

Week 2 of Big Brother All-Stars is complete and we now have a much better of idea where everyone stands in the quest for $500,000. There are a handful of Final 2 deals out there, but the biggest alliance is the group of six consisting of Nicole F., Memphis, Dani, Christmas, Cody, and Tyler. They have been running the house so far, and after last night, are responsible for all three HoH's this season. Here is a weekly recap:

Week 2 HoH: Memphis

Pre-Veto Noms: Nicole A. and David

Veto: Memphis (not used)

Post-Veto Noms: Nicole A. and David

Evicted: Nicole A. (10-2 vote)

Week 3 HoH: Tyler

Week 2 Power Rankings

14. David - David may have survived the eviction this week, but there is still nothing there in terms of a longterm plan. He doesn't have a firm alliance and needs to build something together quickly before he officially just becomes a "number."

13. Kevin - Similar to David, Kevin has been riding solo for the majority of this game. He had something building with Nicole A. earlier, but she is obviously out of the game. Kevin will have to rely on his social game big time to gather a squad to take down the alliance of six.

12. Janelle - After having immunity last week, Janelle avoided the block by a slim margin this week. Some members of the power alliance wanted Memphis to backdoor Janelle, but he didn't. On the bright side, she does have a clear number one partner in Kaysar, but her target remains large.

11. Kaysar - The best thing going for Kaysar right now is that Janelle seems to be the top target instead of him. With Tyler in charge this week, don't be surprised to see the two of them nominated.

10. Da'Vonne - Like the Janelle/Kaysar duo, Da'Vonne and Bayleigh are in a similar spot. But luckily for them, they are not viewed as big of threats as the old school pair. 

9. Bayleigh - I will say that compared to her play two seasons ago, Bayleigh's social game seems to be much better this season. She obviously had her issues with Tyler in 2018, but this year, she is definitely getting along with everyone in the house from what we've seen on this week's episodes.

8. Nicole F. - We now enter the portion of the rankings that includes the aforementioned alliance of six. Nicole is involved with that, but hasn't really made flashy moves compared to some of the people she's working with. She attempted to get Memphis to backdoor Janelle, but it obviously did not work out.

7. Memphis - The title of this blog was intended for Memphis because, in my opinion, he passed up an opportunity to make a big move this week. First up, he tried to obviously force everyone into burning their Safety Suite pass, including his alliance members. After that, he did not really consider a Janelle backdoor. The people he is working with noticed his selfish gameplay this week, which could backfire as the numbers continue to dwindle.

6. Dani - I don't think Dani is in an awful spot right now. Her dad, Dick, a former winner, has shown his criticism on Twitter, but from what we've seen on CBS, she is in the thick of the power alliance and hasn't upset anyone in a big way.

5. Christmas - I will admit that I was critical of her play out of the gate, ranking her 14th last week. But now, we know that she is on the right side of the numbers as things stand. On top of that, she picked up the Safety Suite win and picked up some trust from Ian after bringing him as the plus one last week.

4. Ian - Despite being one of two winner's as a part of this season, Ian has done a solid job keeping the spotlight off of him. We are seeing a similar strategy to his prior season of him doing well socially and laying low. His name is still going to be thrown out there if the HoH is not someone he is close to, but like the Christmas situation above, he has proved that he can get along with anyone still in the house.

3. Cody - This season's first HoH has been in a power position since Day 1. He has "The Commission" F2 deal with Memphis, so he's effectively coming off another week of decision-making. The biggest thing he should watch out for is that if someone from the outside sniffs out the big alliance, he might be an initial target.

2. Tyler - Tyler is playing an unreal game once again. An HoH under his belt, on the right side of the numbers, and getting along with everyone. I don't see him going anywhere anytime soon.

1. Enzo - The Meow Meow's social game is honestly one of the best we've ever seen. Enzo is always down to go with the flow and will never be in the middle of drama. He is far from anyone's target list and remains at the top spot for the second straight week.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind these Big Brother blogs will ALWAYS be spoiler-free. I realize a lot of you watch the feeds and like to know winners/noms before the episodes air, but I won't give away any of that on here.

See you next week.