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Add Tywin Lannister To The List Of People Who Thought The Game Of Thrones Ending Sucked. Wants To Sign Petition To Remake It.

Pop Culture - Game of Thrones star Charles Dance has not been shy about his disappointment in the series finale, but now he tells that he would have signed the viral fan petition to remake the ending of the series if he had seen it. Dance played the villainous Tywin Lannister on the series, right up until Season 5. As a viewer, Dance was not impressed with how the show ended.

In an interview about his National Geographic series, Savage Kingdom, asked Dance about the Game of Thrones finale. Last week, his co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau joked that he "almost wanted" to sign the viral petition to remake Game of Thrones Season 8 in an interview with Variety. Dance had not heard about the petition, but said bluntly: "Well if there was a petition, I would sign it."

Dance had kind words for everyone he worked with on HBO's fantasy epic, including the embattled writers and showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. Most humbled by his time on the show, he did not point fingers as to why the ending left him disappointed but made his feelings clear.

"I mean, I saw it. I continue to watch the whole series even after I'd been killed off in the lavatory," Dance laughed. "Because I just thought it's a fantastic television show, you know? I was very lucky to be part of it. I loved it; there were storylines [where] I wanted to know what was going to happen to these people! I know that the finale satisfied a lot of people. It also disappointed a lot of people, and I'm afraid I am in the latter camp."

Dance credited Benioff and Weiss for the strength of earlier seasons of Game of Thrones, saying that their adaptation was what made the series work. However, he felt the final installments lacked the drama needed to satisfy the story. "I think David and Dan raised the bar when it came to television screenplay writing," he said. "They are phenomenal. And for the whole thing to end up as a committee, I just thought, 'Hmm, no.' I would say I was somewhat underwhelmed by."

I would like to apologize to Charles Dance and take back all the hatred I used to harbor for him. 

One of the extremely few happy moments from the show that brought me way more joy than it should have was watching him take a bolt from his son while he was on the shitter. 

We're talking about the sinister mother fucker that orchestrated the red wedding here. 

He could have been hung up and tortured to death but for some reason, the quick and sudden patricide from Tyrion, while he was going #2, just seemed like poetic justice. 

That was the kind of writing that made GoT so great. The R.R. Martin foundation brought to life by Benioff and Weiss. 

I don't need to beat a horse that's been beaten to death ten million times over already. By people who knew the show much better than me and are much better writers. We all know the last season sucked, the finale was a flop, and there's a ton of blame to go all the way around. 

But the fact that in 2020, with how lazy and apathetic people are to things 24 hours after they're done, that we had 2 million people sign a petition really says something. And the finger-pointing needs to go directly to big George. Because if George Martin gets off his ass and actually does his job, and puts down on paper what's in his twisted fuckin head then we're never in this place to begin with. 

The last two seasons continue to steamroll all our expectations. The final season is probably a standard 10 or 12 episodes rather than a circumcised and pathetic 6, and we're all probably left a lot more satisfied than we were. 

Mr. Dance here thinks so. Jon Snow was disappointed by it, Cersei thought it bombed, as did Jamie Lannister so pretty much the entire Lannister family except for Tyrion (Dinklage) thought the way the show wrapped was a disappointment.

9 Years is a long time to invest in something. Especially a TV show that caused you to almost have a heart attack every Sunday evening then left you like that until the following week. Over and over. Sometimes, in the case of finales, that week was actually a year and a half long wait. Remember those days? Fuckin brutal. We all deserved better.

p.s.- Soprano's finale was whatever to me. The show had gone so downhill by the time that finale rolled around I didn't expect anything less. Wouldn't have been shocked if Tony had been dreaming the whole thing on Lorraine Bracco's couch. But what finale really sucked a giant bag of dicks to me was Lost. The whole way that show ended made the way Game Of Thrones wrapped up look like a masterpiece. What a clusterfuck.