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If You Put Lil Wayne In The Front Row Of A Virtual Crowd, Lil Wayne Is Going To Smoke A Ton Of Weed On Camera Watching The NBA

Listen, what do you expect Lil Wayne to do here? The man loves blowing clouds and watching sports. He's a regular guy like us! Well, except for the whole money and fame thing. Other than that, just like me and you. Honestly, I'm surprised we haven't seen more of this with the virtual crowds. I know they do some policing and usually bring on boring ass people, but I'm shocked there hasn't been an error yet. Shocked we haven't seen a random half naked person walk through the room. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of something like this considering there are always people in the crowd. 

Remember when Lil Wayne claimed David Stern banned Lil Wayne for fucking Chris Bosh's wife? 

What a way we've come from there to now. Wonder how quick Adam Silver has to be like goddamnit, not again. Yeah we know everyone smokes, but we condemn what Lil Wayne did on TV. There were kids watching! Or, knowing Adam Silver, he'd probably just light a bowl up next to Wayne and call it even.