Hey Sweet Mug Shot Bro!

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Des Moines Register- A Des Moines man fired two shots at police officers while fleeing a traffic stop Thursday night, police said. Neither bullet struck an officer and police used a police dog to apprehend Michael Deshawn Speech, 20. Speech was charged with attempted murder, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, assault on a police officer with a weapon, carrying weapons and interference with official acts. The incident began shortly before midnight when an officer stopped a car in the 400 block of University Avenue, police reports show. Speech jumped out of the car and ran and two other officers began searching the area for him, authorities said. The officers soon spotted him and pursued him on foot, though for much of the chase they were far enough behind him that they could only hear, not see, him, police said. The officers were at Fourth Street and Orchard Avenue when they heard two gunshots fired from nearby, officials said. Police lost track of Speech and called for a police dog, authorities said. Police found Speech in some underbrush and Speech didn’t comply with officers’ demands, officials said. The dog was allowed to apprehend him and police arrested Speech.


I don’t feel bad for this guy but then at the same time I kinda do.  Like shooting at cops for sure isn’t cool.  You’re kind of a dick if you do that.  Cops are just trying to do a job like anybody else in the world.  It just so happens their job is to stop people from having fun and they get a lot of shit for it.  But can you imagine the shit this guy’s going to take from his buddies once they see this?  It might be a long time before they see their friend again because attempted murder against a police officer is nothing to sneeze at but he’s now forever the laughing stock of his group of friends.  Nothing will make that mug shot go away.  Every time he tries to make fun of a buddy they’ll be all like,”Remember that time you got arrested and you looked like a human q-tip?  You’re an IDIOT.”  Mug shots are supposed to be badass.  A physical depiction of “Giving zero fucks” as a criminal.  You’ve seen Sons of Anarchy.  They hang their mug shots on the wall of the clubhouse as a source of pride.  That mug shot there isn’t going on any wall any time soon.  Insult to injury has never rang so true.  If his friends don’t nickname him Mummy then that’s the biggest missed opportunity of all time.



PS- The article doesn’t explicitly say what happened to the guy but it hints that a dog took him down.  Tough way to go.