The 2nd Ever Reags Prop Bet Room Residing In Rone's Gambling Corner Presented By Picks Central Hosted By Hitting The Board While Walking The Line

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What does it mean? It means we're combining all the shows here under one umbrella in the Reags prop bet room. I'm pretty sure we have all the shows, might start a new one with Clem. Haven't decided yet. Either way, we're here to talk prop bets. REAL GAMBLING (I kid, I kid). Yes, I love gambling actual hoops games, but everyone is talking about those. We'll pick random prop bets every day we can to put some money on. Why not? Someone going to yell at us? Won't be the first time on this here website and it won't be the last.

All of our numbers and lines are from our dear friends Penn National  

Nikola Jokic over 23.5 points (-110)

Our bread and butter man. We're 2-for-2 on Jokic points going over. Why? He's averaging 29 per game against the Jazz this year. His ability to set the high ball screen and make the Jazz switch or get Gobert lost in space is huge. He hasn't even been great in the two playoff games but he's still put up 29 and 28. His points line has gone from 21.5 to 22.5 to 23.5. We ride together. 

Fred VanVleet over 19.5 points (-121) 

A soon to be Knick, maybe, he's for sure worth throwing the bag at. He's averaging 26.7 per game against the Nets this year. The Nets don't have Joe Harris, a depleted bench and have to scramble. Why is this line so low? He's scored 30 and 24 in the two playoff games. He's shooting 48% from three against the Nets this year! We'll take the shot at FVV getting 20. Rockford stand up. 

Tobias Harris under 20.5 points (+105)

Man, the Sixers are soft as shit. I hate the Celtics more, but the Sixers might be the softest team in NBA history. Just a bunch of mental midgets. I know I like to preach bounce back, especially in the NBA, but not with this team. Tobias Harris is averaging 16 per game against the Celtics this year. He's scored 13 and 15 in the playoffs. He's a complete mess offensively. We'll continue that trend for some plus value hopefully. 

Luka Doncic under 30.5 points (+100)

By far the most impressive player in the playoffs so far is Luka and what he's doing. But he just scored 28 in the win in game 2. Now you have the Clippers coming off the loss and you don't think that they'll put some extra emphasis on forcing people besides Doncic to beat them. Kinda feel like Kawhi and Paul George are going to play a bit different defensively tonight. No word on if Pat Bev is playing yet but if he's back I like this a bit more too. I know the Mavs run the spread PnR, but the Clippers defense has to show up at some point.