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Kanye Is Everybody's Idiot Friend. Wants To Invent A "Christian Version of TicTok- JesusTok"

TechTimes - Kanye West recently shared that he received a "vision" for a new version of the video streaming TikTok application that you can watch on and not be distrubed called "JesusTok" that is primarily marketed for Christians. This collaboration with TikTok would be an app safe for young children because of some disturbing content found on the app by West.

Also known as his alter ego, "Yeezus," Kanye West engaged in a variety of tweets that explain his experience in the video streaming application, TikTok. The rapper saw that some content was disturbing for him and is primarily concerned with his daughter, who is a frequent user of the application.

West also clarified that he "loves" the technology or the streaming platform despite his concerns as a Christian Father. Kanye West is known to be vocal about his faith as a Christian, which he strongly advocates.

"Ye" also said that this application is intended for his children and the world's safety from the disturbing and possibly harmful effects of modern technology. Kanye's daughter, North, who is seven years old, is a user of the social media and video streaming platform, TikTok.

Everybody's got that friend, or friends, that comes up with the most God awful ideas all the time and rather than keeping them to themself, feels the need to drop them on the rest of us. Usually during a nice group dinner. Or an important part of the game. Or in front of your girlfriend who already hates his guts and is always asking you what you see in him. And they almost always have an app. Gotta have an app. 

"I have a trillion-dollar idea fellas."

"Another one?"

"No, I told you Zuckerberg hacked my account and stole my idea for Occulus."

"Your idea was for VR porn not a virtual reality headset."

"It's all the same thing. I was hacked, by somebody on Zuckerbergs team and they beat me to market. What's so hard for you guys to understand? I'm taking seed investors right now and I'm giving you all first crack since you're my boys. Even though I could take this idea to the valley and have Greylock and Y-com fighting over it. So basically what "App4App" is, is an app to create apps…"

"Let me stop you right there. You want to invent an app that creates other apps?"


"Wow you're a moron."

"Listen. What's done is done. Are you guys gonna invest or not?"

Kanye has morphed into this guy. Or maybe he just always was and he got hot early on with the wacky ideas. 

Then he had 3 flops in a row and decided it was time to go the God route. (Or he noticed the success of that snake oil salesman Osteen). Fastest growing genre in music worldwide, (plus all it's listeners legally pay for the music), and you have to be a real asshole like me to knock Christian music so it provides some insulation. 

Copy and paste that scheme with one of the bigger technological hits in the last decade and you've probably got a big winner. I see you Mr. West. 

This man's brain is fried. Having to listen to the constant drone of the voices in the kardashian households has got to be worse than Chinese water torture. 

Plus, now that he's being booted from all state's electoral ballots he's probably really going to lose it. 

Let's get this man divorced. Get him away from Kris Jong-Un, and get him back to Chicago.

More "Jesus Walks" and less JesusTok please Mr. West.