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Adult Film Legend Ron Jeremy Was Living in Total Squalor While He Was Accused of Assaulting Four Women

Daily Mail - This is the filthy, cockroach-infested Hollywood apartment of accused serial rapist and former porn star Ron Jeremy.

A woman who met Jeremy, 67, in 2017 said she went to his rundown one bedroom apartment to use the restroom and was so shocked by what she saw she began snapping pictures.

'It was disgusting, I was so shocked. You could hardly open the front door and you couldn't get in the bathroom at all.

'There was trash piled up, old porn memorabilia stuffed in overflowing boxes. His kitchen table looked like an unkempt outside porch, there were plants that had grown around the table legs and into the floor.

'I honestly thought he was on that show Hoarders. There were cans of roach spray left on the side, piles of medication, books, DVDs, paperwork and he had pet turtles.' ...

The woman, a blonde New Yorker in her late 30s, works as a flight attendant for a private jet firm and was in Los Angeles on a work trip.

She said she bumped into Jeremy outside a store along the famous Sunset Strip where he was being 'filmed'.

'It was during the day and I saw him outside this store, he had a camera guy with him and was being filmed and we started talking.

'Later he said the guy was his driver but I quickly worked out it was someone he was just hanging out with.

'Then I realized the camera they were carrying around didn't actually work, it was fake and all a ruse to meet women.' ...

The woman said that after meeting Jeremy he invited her to have a drink with him and having nothing really else to do, she accepted.

'I thought, ''it's Ron Jeremy'', I figured it would be fun. He said he had to pick something up from his apartment and I went with him. He asked me to stay in the lobby but he was gone a while and I needed the bathroom so called him and he came down to bring me up. ...

In June Jeremy, who is in custody awaiting trial, was charged with raping three women and sexually assaulting another. 

You know that expression, "You never want to meet your heroes"? This is Exhibit A. Like so many attendees at an untold number of ComicCons down through the years, you risk getting your delusions shattered. You can discover who somebody really is and not like what you find.

Ron Jeremy was not just your ordinary, average, garden variety adult film actor. He was the porn stars' porn star. Back when they truly were stars. As Shakespeare once put it, "their names familiar in the mouth as household words." And he was the king. Not merely the goat, but more appropriately, The Hedgehog. This man. 

Giphy Images.

And now we find out he's not only a creep accused of sexually assaulting four women:

… but the guy we think of as the star of "Abnormal Attraction" and "Attack of the Monster Mammaries" (note that I didn't scroll past the A's while searching his filmography), was best suited to star in an episode of "Hoarders." 

And what's with that creepy pickup technique? The buddy "operating" the fake camera to convince the ladies he's still such a big deal. I'll concede that it more or less worked. He did get a flight attendant in her 30s up to her place. But it's just so beneath a man of his stature. It sounds like something you'd find in a VHS advertised in the back of Penthouse in the 80s on "How to Pick Up Chicks." Pathetic. 

And yet, he might have still been able to close the sale if he just didn't live in a fetid, rotten, roach-filled hell hole. On the basis of his star power alone, this legend of the game could still be cutting a swath through America's female population. At least the Size Queen demographic, if no one else. But no. He had to be a creepshow of the highest order. With his sexual assaults and pathetic seduction attempts and squalid living conditions. I wish I could remember him for the greatness of the Ron Jeremy we used to know. But alas, that ship has sailed forever I'm afraid.