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Derek Dietrich Wasn't Mad About Being Thrown At Last Year After He Pimped a Homer Off Chris Archer - He Was Mad That Archer Missed Him

Early last year Derek Dietrich and Chris Archer got into it after Dietrich pimped the ever lasting shit out of a tank shot in Pittsburgh. It was maybe the best pimp job I've ever seen. Motherfucker stared at the ball like it was an asteroid about to detonate on Earth and it was the last thing he was ever going to see. He was later thrown at and the benches promptly cleared. If you need a refresher here's Jomboy's breakdown. 

Anyways, Trevor Bauer had Dietrich, Charlie Blackmon, Daniel Murphy, and Bryan Shaw on his latest episode of Bauer Bytes. Dietrich breaks down his account of the whole situation and it's fantastic. If you go off of his pimp jobs and nothing else you'd assume he was an all time asshole. Turns out he's an awesome dude that just likes to have fun out there. You can tell that's a guy you want to have a beer or 12 with. This whole interview was fascinating. 

You'd assume for Dietrich to stare at a ball like he did that he'd have some serious history with Archer that no one knew about. Turns out it was completely unprovoked. Guy just put an A swing on a ball and wanted to admire his work. The way Blackmon eggs him on and gives him shit for starting all of this made me laugh out loud. 

What makes Dietrich a legend is how mad he got about not being hit by the pitch in the next at bat. Dude wanted the team record for HBPs so bad. What a lunatic. I mean who doesn't want records? I guess I don't blame him. You see in the initial video how he doesn't even react to be throwing at. He knew it was coming his way and just wanted to get it over with. He wasn't mad about being thrown at. He was mad he didn't get hit. Baseball is so weird. 

Full video here to their interview is here. Trevor Bauer crushes these.