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Best Way To Sum Up The Lottery For Knicks Fans: De'Aaron Fox Is Trolling And Literally Dunking On The Knicks For Getting The 8 Pick

Seriously though, can you come to the Knicks? What if I say please? What if I say please as a Kentucky and Knicks fan? Feel like that should count, De'Aaron. But really this is just yet another lottery night as a Knicks fan. There is no joy. There's just pain. Then there's this, for me, just the swiftest kick in the nuts when I'm already down. Landing at 8 is worst case scenario for the Knicks. Nothing good comes from the Knicks drafting 8 overall: 

And you know what De'Aaron and the rest of the world? We're going to be irrational, that's how we are as Knicks fans. We're going to expect a top-3 pick every year. If we have a top-3 pick, we're going to expect the No. 1 pick despite it not being 1985. One day it'll all work out, sure it won't be in my lifetime because I'm convinced that fuck James Dolan will outlive me, but it will happen. And that will be the glorious day. 

I'll have a breakdown on what the Knicks should do with pick 8, but in the meantime I need to get Fox on the horn and have him come team up with Devin Booker at MSG. We already got Kenny Payne. We already got me. We got Kevin Knox and Julius Randle. Let's get all Kentucky now. That's what needs to happen, right? 

Fuck this stupid franchise.