George Karl Hopped On Twitter And Talked A BUNCH Of Shit About Mark Jackson's Playing Career And The Warriors Becoming A Dynasty After He Got Fired

George Karl is apparently the meanest person on these Twitter streets. Remember back during The Last Dance when he was questioned with his strategy during the NBA Finals about putting Gary Payton on MJ? It's not exactly the first time George Karl had some defensive coaching brought up in 2020. So here's what Mark Jackson said: 

He doesn't even mention Karl by name! This could be any coach from the Knicks! Jackson isn't going out of his way to say George Karl stinks at defensive strategy. I have no idea why Karl went after Mark Jackson like this but it's fucking hilarious. The guy is known for being a great coach but failing to win. That's just sort of George Karl. I shouldn't say that because Lord know he's start screaming at me about stuff. 

We did get a solid response by Jackson: 

The God Bless you and yours at the end really seals it. If you've lived in the south or been around people from the south, this is the Twitter version of 'you sweet soul' or 'bless you.' They don't mean it. That's actually the meanest thing someone from the south can say to you. That's how you know they are pissed. Mark Jackson reminding George Karl that he never lost to him in the playoffs and following it up with that is doing the same thing. Need Mark Jackson to keep putting out underlying messages like this and driving George Karl insane.