The Suns #1 Fan Is Set To Make 100k On OnlyFans By The Weekend Thanks To Her Interview On No Jumper

You may remember earlier this week when we were entertained with this clip from a fine young lady who just happens to be a big fan of the Phoenix Suns:

As I'm sure you would've expected, this young lady got a fair amount of hate for this video thanks to how viral it went. Her response to the haters? Subscribe to my OnlyFans:

In 2020, all attention is truly good attention. Especially if you're a good looking female. Yeah, this woman most likely can't be employed after this, but that's no big deal, because she's self-employed now:

That 75k is just from her first month. She could very easily be on track to make close to 500k this year. Hopefully, she takes taxes into account!!!!! I feel like that could become a trend...OnlyFans girls not paying taxes. Horny IRS employee exposes them. Or maybe not horny, but virgin IRS employee. All IRS employees are virgins, so what I'm going for is an IRS employee. 

P.s. I forgot to blog this, but her story about Trey Songz? Crazy. Kinda fucked up too if it's true that she wasn't allowed to leave the hotel room.