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Chinese Guy Offering To Rent Out His Girlfriend In Order To Raise Money For An iPhone 6

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Daily Mail- A Chinese man has offered to ‘rent’ his girlfriend out to other men so that he can raise money to buy the latest model of iPhone. Images of Wei Chu, 25, standing outside Songjiang University, Shanghai holding a ‘Girlfriend Sharing’ advertising board first emerged on Chinese social media earlier this week. He invited interested passers-by to log on to a nearby wifi network in order to check out images of his 21-year-old girlfriend Xiao Ai, who can be ‘rented’ for just £1 an hour – although the man insists ‘no funny business’ can take place on dates he suggests should be focused around dinner or studying Wei Chu apparently offered to rent out his girlfriend in a desperate attempt to fund the purchase of one of Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 6 handsets. He was photographed outside Songjiang University as crowds of interested men gathered around.


Daddy needs a new iPhone 6!  What’s the best way to raise the money for one?  He could pick up extra hours at his job.  He could donate blood and semen.  He could get a second job entirely.  Or he could rent out his girlfriend and raise the money that way, sure.  Renting out your girlfriend seems like a weird option but alright.  Kinda cocky too.  The guy thinks his girlfriend is good looking enough and entertaining enough to bring in money for a new phone.  Normally I would say this is never going to work because who wants to deal with another dude’s girlfriend?  You’re just paying someone to nag at you about problems you’re not even involved in.  Well in this case, I think I’m wrong.  Here she is.


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Yeah, he’s going to be able to buy all the iPhone 6s his heart desires.  She’s not ugly.  Not ugly at all.  Dudes are going to be lining up around the block to rent her.  And I know in the article the guy said there’s “no funny business” allowed when someone rents her, but come on.  That’s one of those *wink wink* type of deals, right?  You can’t expect to rent out your girlfriend and not have there be at least some heavy petting on the date.  It’s like when a bouncer at a strip club tells you not to touch the girls during a private dance.  Sure thing buddy.  And then you do the complete opposite once you’re in the back.  Does this guy want the iPhone or not?  Then he has to go in knowing that someone is probably going to stuff his girlfriend on a date.  If you want all of the badass features that come along with an iPhone 6 then your girlfriend is gonna be showing some ass.  Thems is the rules.



PS- How does a guy who can’t afford an iPhone get a girl who looks like that?  That’s the part that doesn’t make sense to me.  Come to think of it, there’s a good chance this guy is just a pimp who’s disguising himself as her boyfriend.  Kinda genius.