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The Philadelphia Flyers Are Very On #Brand At The Moment

That's the trailer for the HBO Documentary "Broad Street Bullies". An all-time great nickname for an all-time great team. There's a reason why every hockey fan knows about the Flyers in the 1970s and there's a reason why that team just sort of has a general brand and is widely hated. They were assholes, but in the best possible way. The Broad Street Bullies almost made the Soviet Union surrender during the Cold War all by themselves

They were the perfect villain and hockey is better when there are villains. It's even better when the team fans want to be the villain embraces that role and the 2020 bubble Flyers are starting to get that a little bit and I absolutely LOVE it

You want the Flyers to play rough and here we go. They're doing just that

Brendan Gallagher, whap, straight to the kisser. Leaking blood everywhere. I don't advocate for cross-checking someone in the face. I wouldn't want to happen to me. Golden rule. Having said that…the temperature just got cranked up on that series and the entire playoffs. The intensity is there. Call me a meatball, but I want a blood bath at some point in these playoffs and after that cross-check and this one…

Now, as someone who holds a Flyers Stanley Cup future from March I don't want to see them get a ton of guys suspended but I do love that they're boiling over and being bullies. The sports needs bad boys and the Flyers are delivering. Nature is healing, Montreal isn't. 

Full documentary mentioned above here