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The Sixers Are an Embarrassment to the Sport of Basketball and I Truly Have No Idea Where to Go From Here

I don't even know where to begin. Last night was tough to watch. You saw a group of guys out there who literally had given up on the season because they were down 8 points at half time in a 1-0 series. I don't think I've ever seen a group of individuals, who are competitors by trade, that cared so little about their craft. Tobias Harris is an embarrassment to Philadelphia. That man says all this shit about how he needs to become the leader in the clubhouse, and he needs to show these younger guys what it takes to win. Then he goes out in every single big game and acts like a rookie playing for the first time. The number of point-blank layups that he missed last night was truly astonishing. I couldn't believe my eyes.


I know Al Horford has a horrible contract but Tobias Harris' really isn't any better. Neither of these two can be max players on a championship-winning team, but I have no idea how to get rid of them without attaching them to any future asset we have going forward. But what will that do? Is trading Mattisse Thybulle, Al Horford, and the Number 21 pick for Buddy Hield worth it? Is trading Tobias Harris, Shake Milton, and the 2021 first for Chris Paul worth it? What the hell do I know, maybe it is, but if that's the route you go you are taking a massive risk.

Let's say you make those deals, then you have a roster that looks like Chris Paul, Josh Richardson, Buddy Hield, Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and literally no one else. Furkan Korkmaz? You have no future there, and what happens if this group of unwanted players doesn't succeed. Do you think Ben and Joel are going to just sink with the ship or are they gonna demand a trade out? If that's the case, you just gave up your entire future for one mediocre year. 

I don't have an answer here. I really don't want to trade two players who legitimately could be top 5 players in the NBA if surrounded by the right team. That is never the answer, but I just don't know what the answer is. Last night was a massive wake up call to Sixers fans everywhere. This front office took the most promising roster in all of sports and burned it to the ground in two years.  

This tweet is so depressing but it really shows how badly the front office fucked up. Fire Elton Brand, fire Brett Brown, and bring back Sam fucking Hinkie. He is literally the only man on earth who I trust to fix this pathetic excuse of a franchise.  God I can't believe we have to sit through two more games of this shit.

It would be so perfect Sixers to come out in game three and look unbelievable. I will not fall for that trap. I will not allow myself to have any faith in this team ever again.