Looking For A Stock Market Coach? The Wolf Of Wall Street Is Now Available

Need to boost your portfolio? Jordan Belfort AKA The Wolf of Wall Street is now a coach on 'RagingBull', an investing site that appears to be targeted at #newbs during a time when amateur investing is seeing a big-time rise (shout out Davey Daytrader). 

From PR Newswire:

"The market has been flooded with new accounts and traders and a lot of them don't know what they're doing. 'Mind of the Wolf' is free, so there's no excuse for day traders to not take advantage of my lessons and learn what to avoid and more importantly, how to capitalize on opportunities." - Belfort

Within the product, Jordan will share his favorite market sector in 'Wolf Report' and teach ten valuable lessons in 'Wolf Mentality Lessons' where he discusses what it takes to be a trader, how to handle emotions, the intangibles of success, how to take advantage of opportunities, and how to learn from your mistakes. Jordan is not a licensed or registered investment advisor or broker and he will not be giving advice on specific stocks, companies, or investment strategies.

Worth noting before you go ahead & subscribe, they've faced a bit of heat for their marketing tactics and,

RagingBull has faced criticism over dozens of daily promotional emails sent to customers, delays in providing refunds and for requesting customers to sign non-disclosure agreements before receiving their money back. The company has been the focus of 148 complaints to the US Better Business Bureau, a consumer rights non-profit group.

But by all means, you never know how things are gonna pan out. Perhaps we'll even see The Wolf Of Milton hopping further into the consulting game or some sort of collab??

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