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Boban Hopped On TV Immediately After Beating The Clippers To Argue Most Important Debate Of The Night: Can He Beat Up Keanu Reeves?

I want nothing more than to be best friends with Boban. You get to walk around with this giant of a human, listen to him crack jokes and more importantly he's 100% laughing at every joke you make. He's the ultimate best friend. Plus, who is going to mess with you if you have a giant standing right there? On top of that you always have a 2v2 partner. Play some beer pong? Let me grab Boban. Want to run 2s at the park? Good luck stopping me and Boban in the high pick and roll. 

And if you think you're going to come try and fight me, just know I have someone in my corner that will kick Keanu Reeves ass. In case you forgot, Boban is an actor too, who was robbed of every award known to man: 

There's just no one better than him. You got Shaq calling him 'you rang' and instead of getting pissed and being mocked, he says it for Shaq and gives him the gigantic heart with his arms. Who wouldn't want to be best friends with someone like that? Not to mention he was pretty damn good yesterday. 13 and 9 is more than you can ask for from Boban, especially in a matchup against the Clippers who can go small and run him off the court. 

I need Boban to join these guys for a full show at some point. He always delivers.