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The Padres Outright Refuse To Play By The Unwritten Rules, Hit ANOTHER Late Grand Slam Against The Rangers

I don't understand what the Padres don't *get* about the unwritten rules. How many fastballs need to buzz by their temples before they put two and two together? Monday night Fernando Tatis Jr. blasted a grand slam, the nation still hasn't recovered from such an atrocity. Then in the first inning yesterday, Wil Myers - a man who cannot spell Will correctly - smashed a grand slam in the first inning. If there was ever a grand slam that was equivalent to a middle finger, it was that one. But finally, the Rangers are about to win a baseball game. They're so close. They have a 3-2 lead in the bottom of the tenth. The bases are loaded. There are two strikes on Manny Machado. And this selfish showoff decides to hit a THIRD grand slam in as many games. Absolutely disgraceful. 

It was 3-2! You don't get any BCS points for running up the scoreboard. All you needed to win this game was two (2) runs. An opposite field single would have sufficed. Or, better yet, just ground into a double play. Let the Rangers have this one. Lose intentionally so that your opponent can feel good for once. Have some human decency. But no. Grand Slam. Celebrating right in the Rangers' faces. It's despicable. Deplorable. Outright deranged behavior. The unwritten rules committee is going to have a shit fit at their next summit over these last three days. I wouldn't be surprised if the scientists working on the coronavirus vaccine packed it up and went home after seeing this garbage. If the rest of us aren't going to uphold and maintain society's rules what are they busting their hump in the lab for? What is there to save and salvage if this kind of behavior is taking place? What are the Rangers supposed to do here? Make better pitches and record outs? Score more runs than their opponent? Chalk this up to example #5783 of why civility died a cold death in the year 2020 AD.