ARod Hits Home Run Number 661


Classic ARod swing, classic Arod power, classic ARod shit eating grin rounding the bases. More importantly, this distraction is out of the way and he can focus on just playing, without the pressure of HR milestones until his bonus goes to arbitration in the off season. Now all he needs is to grow a sweet sweet mustache and there is no stopping this team. I can’t wait for the 30 for 30 or whatever it will be called when they document this team and ARod’s redemption.

I thought the first at bat was going to be 661 until Delmon Young shocked the world and got 6 inches off the ground to bring it back, but that play brought up a bigger concern. How does no one interfere with the ball? I get that there are rules, but once that ball clears that wall, I need rabid Yankee fans clawing at Young’s glove. In the old stadium Young would get, in the words of Eminem a “Passionate ass-whoopin’ and gettin’ your shoes coat and your hat tooken?”.

Plus the foul ball guy was standing right there just looking. Have some pride in your craft, and get that ball.


PS: These mustaches are amazing and I really think this team can take us all on a magical mustache ride into October.