Thom Brennaman Having To Call A Home Run In The Middle Of His Apology Is The Most Unintentionally Hilarious Moment Of 2020

I don't know if there's a God. If there is, what a sense of humor. I mean this is all time unintentionally the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. "I'm beyond embarrassed. My life is now in the gutter. I don't know how I'll move on. SWING AND DRIVE, WAY BACK, WAY BACK. GONE! 4-0 REDS! I imagine this is the last time I ever put the headset on. Again, my deepest apologies." Unreal. Broadcasters aren't human beings the way you and I are. They're programmed to always be in the moment. Mid-apology? Doesn't matter. You have to block out the noise and make your call. 

But not only was the call hilarious... Castellanos hit it into the Judgement Free Zone.

*chefs kiss* Magnifique.