Reds Broadcaster Thom Brennaman Drops A Hard-F On The Air, Apologizes During The Game And Gets Yanked Off The Broadcast Mid-Game

Yikes. Thom Brennaman dropped a hard-F on the broadcast tonight, called a few innings while this clip made its way around the internet before issuing an apology and then got the hook out of the booth mid-game. I mean, this is more than likely going to cost him his job. At the very least, you're looking at a suspension for the rest of the season. The part where he's asking for people close to him to vouch for him, I'm not sure that's the move here. You can be a decent person outside of this, but that's just not gonna fly today no matter how people perceive you otherwise. I hate when people who fuck up like this play the religion card, too. Fuck outta here with that. And I don't care if it "slipped" or whatever excuse we'll be given; it's unacceptable. The craziest part to me is that he felt comfortable enough to say that even if he thought he was off the air. Even if it's not a hot mic, people that work for the broadcast can still hear you. Just a complete dumbass move that he's gonna have to wear for the rest of his career/life.

PS -- That was the most awkward and uncomfortable home run call of all-time. Can never be topped.