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Your Wild Blackhawks Recap In One Vine




And that was the only highlight you need. Utter domination. Save for a few minutes in Game 1 and the last 45 seconds in Game 4 this series was in cruise control for the entire week. Chief will go in depth in a second here and you’ll want to read it because he’ll tell you a lot more about the Rozzy fallout than I could ever do but just thought we would start with a little perspective.



This core of Blackhawks has now reached 5 Western Conference Finals in 7 seasons. Think about that for a second, think about the consistency it takes to get back and seriously compete for a Stanley Cup year in and year out. They say the Stanley Cup is the most difficult trophy to win in sports and if that’s true, what the Blackhawks have done the past 7 years deserves all the accolades in the world. Obviously it doesn’t mean much without a 3rd ring this year, and I truly think they’ll get it, but these Cup runs are more than just the Finals, they are about the journey, and with the Hawks getting what will be close to a week off it’s a perfect time to sit back and enjoy what they’ve accomplished. There will most likely never be a group quite like this one so enjoy it, stop and smell the roses, and root for the Ducks and Flames to kick the shit out of each other these next 5 days.




Three other quick things.


1. Rozsival’s injury – I know he was probably going to retire anyway but that was a really brutal way to go out. We joked a lot this year because he had his struggles but no one wants to see that and as bad as he may have been at times he was still better than the guy’s behind him on the roster.




2. Patrick Kane – Just a quick reminder to enjoy every second of him. When all is said and done he will go on the Chicago Sports Mt Rushmore. We are getting one of the best players in the world at his absolute prime and the best part is he’s an absolute gamer. 5 goals in 4 games in this series and every playoffs he seems to take things to an extra level that can’t be topped. Not to get all sappy on everyone but he’s one of those guys you’ll sit back in 40 years and tell your grandkids about.




3. Tommy – Over 150k views, when I first posted this video it had 26 views. God only know what his parents think. Now do me a favor and Key Change that motherfucker for us Tommy!  8 to go.







Actually I take that back, the weirdest part is probably that Tommy Kendall Singers has 41,000 views and I’ve never posted it, just stoolies cruising for more Tommy. Need more Tommy, gotta have it.