We Got Kyle Lowry Aggressively Slappin' Asses In The NBA Bubble

Guys being dudes! Listen, when you beat the *I guess the Nets, despite not having half the team* by 5 and you drop 21/9, you're going to deliver some ass slaps. Kyle Lowry coming out of the goddamn clouds to slap this equipment manager's ass and not gently. That's as an aggressive of an ass slap as you'll see. Followed up by perhaps the weirdest move. 


Then again you get your ass slapped like that maybe you need a gentle scratch of the back. It begs the question though. Is Kyle Lowry starting to feel the pent up sexual frustration of not having his wife around? I'm willing to bet someone makes that point. He's ready for his family to come visit. 

I assume Lowry walks around Raptors practice like Thad Castle 

2-0 feeling against the Nets. Feel good, slap ass good. That's the Kyle Lowry way.