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Which Three 2008 Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

Click the hyperlinks to see both me and Jeff's rankings as well as locations to stream (or rent) the movies.

Column A (Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Step Brothers): The Dark Knight is untouchable for me, so it comes down to Step Brothers vs Iron Man. I think the latter is outstanding independent of the fact that it kicked off the MCU and has obviously a huge tie in with a bunch of other great movies. Tony Stark is also an all time superhero that may be the best one ever casted outside of the Ledger Joker and Jackman Wolverine. Step Brothers is one of the most quotable comedies in the world and it holds p but is also in a more saturated genre (especially for this 2000-2010 period). Regardless, I'm still going with Iron Man. As amazing and revolutionary as Iron Man was, I can't deprive myself of this. 

Column B (Slumdog Millionaire, In Bruges, Gran Torino): In Bruges is one of my favorite movies ever, so it's not going anywhere. I probably watched Gran Torino 200 times with my brothers and dad, but having recently rewatched both movies I think I'll go with Slumdog. God, Jai Ho is a straight up banger. 

Column C: (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Tropic Thunder, Wall-E): Goodbye and good riddance Wall-E. i-Simp ass motherfucker. 

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