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Sit Down, Take A Deep Breath And Prepare For The End Of The World Because I Finally Think Coach K Said Something Smart

This is going to sound weird, but I'm ready to agree with Coach K. I hate it, but this is for the good of the sport. We need the NCAA Tournament. I know it's disingenuous to the kids and everything they are fighting for. I know it stands against treating them like the non student-athletes they really are. But I care about my own damn happiness! I need the NCAA Tournament. You know what I did during March? Nothing. I had to watch my own kid. I had to pace around my house and do chores. That fucking stinks out loud. I should have been gambling my face off. I should have been blogging more than I normally do. I should have been sweating out Elite Eight games. I should have been arguing with everyone about the actual NCAA Tournament and not some made up one. 

 Not only that - but yeah, no shit, the NCAA needs the Tournament to happen. It's a cash cow. It's what pays for a ton of programs and smaller sports. So that's just common sense that the NCAA needs it to happen. If not, we're looking at a catastrophic turn in college hoops and no one wants that. As many problems as the NCAA has, we still love college hoops. So come up with unique ways to make the NCAA Tournament happen. You can do the NCAA Tournament in a bubble in Indianapolis and limit travel. We can figure this out.

Now I need to go shower multiple times to get this K stink off of me.