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The Lakers Shot 5-32 from Three And Lost To The Blazers ... Guess What? THAT'S THE NORM

So, recently our own Big Cat was on Picks Central talking about Portland Derangement Syndrome -- the idea that the Blazers have a chance to beat the #1 seed Lakers in the first round of the NBA playoffs. He even took a bet laying big time juice (which this man, who is a SHARP gambler, almost never does) when he took the Lakers to win the series at -550. Rico even talked him into putting out 15.5 units to win 3. Big Cat was CONFIDENT.

Very confident.


And then last night happened. Oops.

I’m not great at math, is it possible for the Lakers to still win in 4? 

Might have been another KFC Mush (LOL).

But the thing about last night is that SO MANY people are saying today, “Oh the Lakers missed their threes, it would have been a different game if they had hit them.” LOL

 NO shit. 

You see, the problem with the Lakers is they CAN’T FUCKING SHOOT. They can’t hit OPEN shots, let alone contested ones. And it’s been a problem all year long.

Let me explain.

Last night was not an anomaly, it was more of the same. And the great part about the bricklaying last night was how evenly spread out it was. AD was 0-5, Lebron was 0-5, Kuzma was 1-5. “Sharpshooter” Danny Green threw up 8 threes in just 24 minutes and was the leading long range shooter on the Lakers, shooting a SOLID 25% behind the arc. The remainder of the team shot 2-9. When a guy who averages 8 a game is chucking up threes at a rate of one every three minutes, you know shit’s gone off the rails.

Now, Danny Green can normally shoot, boy, but he can’t carry the load. 



Sorry, it’s true. 

In fact, since the restart, they’ve struggled to shoot, PERIOD. In their three worst losses in the bubble, they shot 35.4% from the field. The #1 seed went 3-5 while lots of people excused it as just warming up for the first round. Uhm. 8 games is enough of a warm up to show us all that the woes that have plagued this team from the beginning of the season have not been addressed.

Check out what I said about the Lakers in the video below from October 2019. It’s as true right now as it was then.

This isn’t just homer Trysta talking, I had these concerns as did most people who kinda sorta understand the game of basketball before the season even started. 

 So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Dame, who can make buckets from space, no matter the amount of pressure, along with other snipers like Gary Trent Jr (who had an off night), and CJ McCollum would have more than a reasonable shot at beating this team who struggles to score. No matter how much of a siv, the Blazers D is, it doesn’t matter if the Lakers can’t hit open shots. No matter how stifling the Lakers D can be, no matter how many points Lebron scores, they just don’t have the role players to fill in the gaps, and hold on now, the Blazers are DEEP with guys who can score. 

So get on the Blazers train now folks, before they knock off the most overrated #1 seed in NBA history. 

PS Big Cat is still on his “Laker Dan” bullshit, which means, you should probably abandon any hopes of the Lakers getting past the first round.