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Neymar Is Facing A Possible Suspension For The Champions League Final Because He, Wait For It, ... Traded Jerseys After Yesterday's Match

[Source] - Uefa's 31-page 'Return to play protocol', issued earlier this month, states: "Players are recommended to refrain from swapping their shirts." It adds that non-compliance with the obligations "may lead to disciplinary measures in accordance with the Uefa Disciplinary Regulations

According to reports before the competition's return from the Covid-19 shutdown, swapping shirts during the Lisbon mini-tournament would result in a 12-day period of self-isolation.

Of all the things that Neymar would be suspended for, I had trading jerseys with an opponent at like number 17. But this is the world we apparently live in. You can't trade jerseys with opponents anymore and build the framed jersey wall that every athlete has in their basement. Now why is this important? Well, Neymar is still fucking good. PSG made the Champions League Final for the first time ever. Oh and the game is Sunday and there's a potential 12-day isolation for Neymar. 

What a day for Neymar though. This ridiculous assist: 

Followed that up by trolling Red Bull Leipzig: 

You had PSG fans losing their minds in the street of Paris: 


And now they play the winner of Bayern/Lyon on Sunday. Not a bad run for PSG. Wonder how their parties will be after Sunday though, let's be honest, they are partying regardless: 

European soccer. Always delivering content.