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'Take That Skip Bayless, You Punk Ass' - Charles Barkley Is Putting On An All-Time Performance Tonight

Have a night, Chuck. Have a night. He might be the only one tonight hotter than Dame. It started with his call before the game: 

Really makes me wonder how much he bet Shaq and then bet just on the Blazers. The man says $500, which I assume is $500,000 for Chuck. Either way, the dude has been screaming about the Blazers over the Lakers for at least a week now. He's so unimpressed by the Lakers he has no idea who Kyle Kuzma is

Then you check in with him to start the postgame show and this is what we get: 

Just an all-time Charles Barkley show highlighted by him going at Skip. Remember, Skip and Dame have been going at each other 


Gotta feel pretty good having Chuck on your side here. What an absurd shot by Dame too. The man's heels were on the damn logo. This is really making me miss the NCAA Tournament though. You got the story with Dame, you got a bunch of awesome games, you got upsets. This just feels like the Friday of the NCAA Tournament. 

Punk ass is an A+ insult too. We don't get enough punk ass phrases used.